Control arm work

Today's task: Install the BMR Fabrication lower control arms. I can feel quite a bit of play in the suspension as I drive, hopefully this will tighten it up a bit.
Here's the arms I pulled out... not-boxed 69 elky rear arms (they're now for sale, check the For Sale page.

Bushings were pretty worn.
Anyway, I didn't take any in-progress pics. I think I gained a little space between the pipes and the tire, but it might be my imagination. I wish I'd measured before. I did replace one of the Upper control arm bushings (driver's side, at the axle).. what a pain that was. I need a lift to really do this properly.
Pass side. Really looks like I gained some clearance here.
Didn't take a pic of this bushing before I started drilling it out, but you can see how cracked it was. Wouldn not surprise me if this was factory original.
Whee, shiny control arms! Now I need a swaybar.
As a followup, the cover has stretched enough that I feel better about it, I did have to cut the bows a bit shorter to get them to not arc too much; I may want to get a slightly longer bow for the rear.

No pic; I received and installed the second sunroof latch.

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