Seat mounts

Made the new mounts out of 1/4 stock, roughly 1" x 1 1/2". They're tapped for 5/16"x24. I made a spare, too.
First mount welded down, complete with ugly welds. At least I know they've got good penetration, right?
Second mount.
I had to make a spacer out of the spare. It worked pretty well.
The fourth mount had a weld-spot in the way. I ground it until I could get the mount to fit flush.
The front two, complete with shadow! I wrote the measurements on the floor with a silver paint marker. They're measured relative to a string stretched between the outer seatbelt mounts. Lateral measurements are measured from where the floorpan meets the seam at the rocker.
Seat bolted down in the back.
One of the mags talked about "Pro-Beater" recently .. I think this is a great example!
Alternate pro-beater view.
Got the back two mounts on the pass side installed before dinnertime.

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