Replaced the sunroof latch that was broken.
I did not know that the "tongue" on this one was broken. Took forever to get this back through the latch.
I pulled a lot of leaves and crap from the driver's side cowl.. including what seemed to be a portion of hood insulation. I couldn't get down into the pass side, my arm isn't long enough, but I did take this thing out of there. I think it's to control whether to get fresh outside air, or recirculate inside air. It looks to be broken anyway.
The other side of this thing.
It had been suggested that my poor fuel economy (9 1/2 to 10 1/2 mpg) was actually due to my exhaust being not restrictive enough, and that I should rejet the carb richer and move to a 9.5 powervalve. I have done so, but haven't filled the tank to find out the net effect.

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