Back on the interior. Seat mounts and console.

Once I finished mounting the pass seat, I grabbed the box that had the console parts in it. I've decided that it's time to properly mount this thing. The bench seat is officially not going to happen now.
I had already drilled out a hole here for the cable, but it was way too small and since I'd just used a 3/8" bit over and over, it was a bit on the jagged side.
Used the die grinder to open up the hole to the proper 1 1/2" size.
This is going to work out real nice.
I can't find the c-clip to attach the cable to the lever. Once I find it or get a new one, I can properly mount the console. I guess next up I'll get under the car and attach the bottom linkage.

I've still got to replace the rest of the bushings in the rear and come up with some shoulder harnesses.

I tried the old equalizer to try to run the front speakers but it really didn't work too well.. so I'll have to come up with an alternate method to run them.

I did find where the upper mounts for the seatbelts are, there is a hole in the backing for the sailpanel in front of the mount so ther won't be a problem there. I don't know what size the bolt for there is, but I'll be able to figure it out once I get the belts and punch the hole.

I need to clean the carpet still, too.

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