Interior complete.. for now.

I have completed the installation of the console and shifter (at least on the inside of the car).. the connecting of the linkage at the tranny is waiting on a free jackstand - I've got 4, and between the back end of the 65 and its rear axle, they're all in use. The carpet is all installed properly; but as soon as we took it for the first drive the stereo stopped working. The amp and the deck are getting power, so it would appear that I've got a short in the wires from the deck to the amp. The gas gauge has started working again, so I guess it's a decent tradeoff. I haven't hooked up the neutral safety switch; I'll do it once I have the linkage finally connected on the tranny end.
It has rained a couple of times once I got it all done, I still have a couple of small leaks - I know I have one on the passenger side of the windshield, one at the frame of the sunroof, and both vent windows (as shown in the To-Do list, the vent weatherstrip sucks)

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