Random crap on Pro-Beater

Ok.. you've seen the carpet as installed; this is how bad it really is. Went out with a hose and a scrub brush to try and clean them up, we'll see once they dry how they look.
For the first time in however many years, the dome light works. I had to replace one of the wires leading up to it. I do now need to figure out why the door switches don't work.. but this is a step in the right direction.
Cleaned up the floorboards, got the extra wires tucked away.
Stereo wires no longer pile across the floor in random directions.
Remounted the box, but this one really needs to be replaced. It's broken in so many places.

Tomorrow, if the carpet is dry, I'll put it back in. Otherwise, we'll see what happens. It may rain anyway, which would mean that I work on the 65 instead.

Tried hooking the front speakers directly to the stereo; while they did work they didn't put out enough volume to really be heard with the rears on. I'll have to get a new amp for the front speakers. The 40w Kenwood EQ only allowed RCA inputs; and even with it turned all the way up didn't really drive the fronts.. so I need to find an amp that allows the normal wire hookups for these. I'm guessing somewhere between 50 and 75 watt?

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