Back to work on rear bushings.

Here's what the factory original bushing in the rear axle housing looked like.
And the bushing in the front of the upper control arm. I don't know what the text means (INLAND M-10-65) - is it possible that this bushing was 4 years old when it was installed?
I scraped and scraped and scraped all the years of road-grime off the arm, then took a toothbrush and Gojo hand cleaner to it. It came out pretty good; I need to either sandblast it tomorrow, epoxy prime, and paint with regular paint; or just coat it with POR. Not sure which route I'll take.

It rained last night, and only a small amount of water got in the car. This is a great improvement over how it has been in the past; I think I still have some leaves, etc in the pass cowl, and I haven't done anything about the rustholes at the back window yet. (Swapmeet next weekend, should be a POR rep there to get putty from)

Carpet isn't dry yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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