Short day, but made the car driveable again.

Ok, so I kinda cheesed out... I just painted the arm with Rustoleum. Took a bit of arguing with it to get it back in the car. Was great fun. I still haven't done the last remaining bushing.
6 Apr - Hailstorm last night. It only lasted a few minutes, but after it ended I went out and found a racquetball-sized hailstone. I guess we've found the size required to dent metal on these old cars.. here's the only dent I could find. I'm not actually very mad about it; I already knew I needed to repaint the car.

I tried cleaning the connection for the fuel tank sender ground, but it hasn't helped the gauge to read properly. I guess I need to verify that the gauge is good and plan on replacing the sender. Ugh.

Since I mounted the shifter and the cable, the other (tranny) end of the cable was dangling under the car. I installed the lower bracket to the tranny so I could mount that end of the cable. It's all still running from the column shift, I don't have the c-clip or spring clip that attaches the cable to the shifter.

The pass side sidepipe has lost one of its attachment bolts. I put another bolt in to replace it, but I need to get one a little larger (or just go ahead and move to a proper exhaust). I did tighten the clamps for the glass-pack portion of the pipes.

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