It seems like every hotrod website I've seen has a "For Sale" section. This is one of them.

160 MPH speedo for a 67 Camaro. From what I've been told, this is actually a 68 Firebird cluster and the lettering is wrong for a Camaro. It should bolt up just fine though, I've seen these in similar condition go on eBay for over 100 dollars, so I'd like to get 80 for this one.

Passenger door hinges. These are off a 68 El Camino, I think but am not sure that they'll fit Chevelles. 20 bucks.
67 Camaro door seals, unused. I paid 30, I'd like to get 25. Note that the top picture is one of the two, there's no other weatherstripping in the pack.
It's a radio-cover-thing for a 67 Camaro. Is 10 too much for this?
Heater controls for a 67 Camaro. Non-AC. I don't know if the switches are good or not, but if you're interested I can take a multimeter to it and check it out. How about 20 for it, if the switches are good?
Sill plates for a 67 Camaro. They're used, and I don't think I'd put these on a show car.. but if you cleaned them up, they'd be great for a driver. How about 10 bucks?
Lower control arms from a 69 El Camino. They are not boxed and need new bushings; but are not bent or twisted. 10 bucks?
More lower control arms. These are from a 65 Malibu SS. They're identical to the ones on the Elky, above, but are worth much more since they're from an SS, right? 10 bucks.

All these prices are plus actual shipping costs. If you want any of this stuff, drop me a line at

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